Bansuri/Bamboo Flutes Full Set - 24 Pcs

BDT 22,300.0
In Stock

These 24 flutes; being the only combination of base, medium and small size of Bansuri, are the best for any kind of music. Therefore these bansuri are combined in a set by us with good discount and a free carrying bag. 

Bansuri/Bamboo flutes are includes :

C sharp bass

D natural bass

D sharp bass

E natural bass

F natural bass

F sharp bass

G natural bass

A natural bass

A sharp bass

B natural bass

C Natural medium

C sharp medium

D Natural medium

D sharp medium

E Natural medium

F Natural medium

F sharp medium

F sharp medium

G Natural medium

G sharp medium

A Natural medium

A sharp medium

B natural small

C natural small

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