Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle | D

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Waltons Little Black Tin Whistle | D- This very popular black whistle in D made from light aluminium produces an effortless sweet tone. Waltons Tin Whistles are the best-selling, best value whistles in Ireland. They are made from high quality materials and finished to produce the perfect whistle sound that has made our instruments so popular worldwide. This is a "Little Black D" Whistle, made in Dublin, Ireland by Walton's, Note that in most whistle recordings (including those of The Corrs) the tone of a whistle is often enhanced with effects in the post-production process (delay, reverb, etc.), so don't expect your Little Black D to sound exactly like Andrea's right out of the package. Also, chances are that Andrea has her Little Black D whistle "fine-tuned" by someone - Little Black D whistles tend to be somewhat breathy right out of the package.

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