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About Us


About Us

Labu Flutes is the largest flute store where you can find Professional Quality Bansuri Bamboo Flutes from Base Bamboo flutes to flat Bamboo Bansuri of Bangladesh. All of Our Flutes are made considering all aspects to give you a rich experience comfortable fingering, easy blowing, and tonal quality. Labu Flutes Provides special tuned Bamboo Flutes for centuries. Here we make all kinds of Base Bamboo Flute with Perfectly well-tuned and can be used for learning or performing in concerts or any kinds of studio recordings. We are the longest experienced flute maker of Bangladesh. All of our flutes are made by Ustad Labu Miah (The founder of Labu Flutes), With more than his 40 years of making bamboo flutes made him inspire and the most Iconic person in the flute making history of Bangladesh. In the year of 1996 Labu Miah was awarded as best flute craft maker by the Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation. Labu Flutes make most of the unique quality of Bamboo flutes which are smooth sound quality and high rich music flavor ordinated. Our wide ranges from Base to Flat selections cater to all music lovers, whether you are taking your first steps or you are a professional musician.  All of Handmade bamboo bansuri flute wind instrument fine-tuned by Labu Flutes. We offer incredibly fair price so you may grab your specific tune flute if concert Bansuri or flute for a beginner, Master flute You can rely upon us. Labu Flutes has been certified and honorable member of E-commerce associations of Bangladesh and Affiliated Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation powered by Bangladesh Ministry of Industries We are also partners with Most of the Online Marketplace like Daraz Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal, Bagdoom, and Pathao Bangladesh.

What types of products we sell?

Labu Flutes is most well-known and famous for our own crafted Bansuri Bamboo Flutes over the centuries. If Music is the food of young souls than Labu Flutes is your dining table.  We are a complete musical instrument store of Bangladesh. We have a huge collection of Both Classical and traditional folk musical instruments of Bangladesh. Our collections are including Woodwind, String Instruments, Percussions Instruments.

Our Products Are Bamboo Flutes, Bansuri, Professional Bamboo Whistle Flutes, Panpipes Flutes, Quena Flutes, Irish Tin Whistle, Western Silver Clarinet Flutes, Tin Silver Flutes, Harmonica, Recorder, Nickel Flute Mohon Customized Flute, All Kinds of Bangladeshi traditional Folk instrument like Ektara (one string Instrument),  Dotara, Khamak, Mandira, Baya, Khanjani, Nagin Bin (Snake Chambers flute), Harmony, Tabla, Dhol.

If you are looking for Bangladeshi Traditional Folk Instruments or any classical musical instruments than Labu Flutes is the right place. 


Who are the people in our team?

As a well-known name of Labu Miah, we give supplies to the many reputed Musical Instrument store o Bangladesh Like : Melody & Co Ltd, World Music Bangladesh, Shurosrhi , Shur Nikaton, Music World, Music City, at Dhaka, We also give supplies to the many districts of Bangladesh like Rajshahi, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna, Barisal, Rangpur, and many others. As well as Labu Flutes has successfully exported many Bamboo flutes and others folk and traditional instruments into the different overseas countries like USA, Germany, Japan, UK, Australia, Ireland, India, and the Middle East countries 

Labu Flutes has been a certified and honorable member of E-commerce associations of Bangladesh Membership Number 759. We have our partnership with Daraz Bangladesh, Ajkerdeal, Bagdoom, Shop UP BD, Storrea and Pathao Bangladesh.


How our brand is different from others in the current market?

We offer from Beginners to Professionals Bamboo Flute Bansuri Wood Wind Musical Instrument made with care and quality to fit your most every musical need. Our Bamboo flute is very easy to play and good for both beginners and professionals. We offer all kinds of Bamboo Bansuri from Scale C Natural Base Bamboo Bansuri 35 inches to Scale B Natural Medium 10 Inches Bamboo Flutes. All of our flutes are very easy to play and very comfortable to learn.


What’s special about our product/service?

The Founder of Labu Flutes Md. Labu Miah is well known as a flute artist and musician of Bangladesh and all of Bansuri Bamboo Flute is crafted by his own hand, not only that Labu Flutes is the place where you can find a huge collection of folk and traditional musical instruments & crafts which is the part of culture of the heart of Bangladesh, Md. Labu Miah's goal is to promote those instruments, traditions, and culture to the world by making a great interest to the people of both Bangladesh and the other countries.

Where to Find Us? 

Labu Flutes Showroom and display Center is situated into the heart of Dhaka City of Bangladesh, anyone can find us @ Level 4, Shop 427-428, Alpana Plaza  New Elephant Road, Dhaka-1205 Bangladesh

For Customized Flute order Please email us : info@labuflutes.com, labu.flutes@gmail.com , also can call us  @ +8801812461432 

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