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Labu Flutes – A place where arts and culture meet with their origin. With the vision of promoting Bangladeshi musical instruments, Labu Flutes Started its journey in 1945. A 3rd Generations family Operated company manufacturing Bangladeshi musical instruments with the mission to spread all over the world.

The Founder of Labu Flutes Ustad Labu Miah, The most famous craftsman for making professional bamboo flutes from 1973 and was honoured as the best craftsman award from Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industries Corporation powered by the Ministry of Commerce, Bangladesh Government in the year 1996. We are the first manufacturer of Professional Bamboo Flutes of Bangladesh considering all aspects to give a rich experience of comfortable fingering, easy blowing, and tonal quality. Labu Flutes Provided special tuned Bamboo Flutes for centuries. Here we make all kinds of Base Bamboo Flute with perfectly well-tuned and can be used for learning or performing in concerts or any kinds of studio recordings


After getting huge demands For making the finest quality Bamboo Bansuri Flutes in the market we Labu Flutes started to supply all the most reputed musical instruments stores in Bangladesh on a wholesale basis. Not only that for promoting the Bangladeshi Musical instruments, We started to make the most popular traditional musical instruments in ancient Bengal music and sell them in wholesales also. Labu Flutes was officially registered as musical instruments retailer in the year of 2016 by the Bangladeshi government and opened up its flagship store in the capital city of Dhaka to serve the musical souls of those who hunger for music.


After realizing the vast needs of westerns musical instruments among the young generations, we started to stock all the original musical instruments brands and accessories like Yamaha, Fender, Ibanez Epiphone, and so many others. Our Founder Ustad Labu Miah is also known as a famous musician by all the TV Media of Bangladesh in the early 2000s and his community is full of classical commercial musicians, music teachers, as well as all the musicals schools where Ustad Labu Miah use to teach  Indian classical music. These segments helped us to grow our brand even faster than it’s meant to be.


We became a member of the e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh In the year 2017 because electronic commerce is essential to businesses. To ensure access to new markets, growing business growth rates, growing versatility of trade policies, reducing sales and advertisement costs. In the 2013-2014 timeframe, the e-commerce world in Bangladesh began. Over the years, banking, logistics communications, and payment methods have increasingly improved and opportunities have been created by the e-business market. We also became the official partner for supplying musical instruments of Daraz, The premier online shopping marketplace of South Asia with an active presence in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Myanmar, and Nepal and supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions serving 5 million consumers across the region.


Seeking the opportunity of selling it easier to cross borders through e-commerce, we get partnered with many overseas marketplaces and got our delivery partnership with DHL to provide worldwide delivery services.  Today Labu Flutes is sending its products every month in vast quantities all over the world especially the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and South Asian Countries.  For Provide a secure and easy payment solution we got our partnership with SSLCOMMERZ which has PCI-DSS certificates, 3D security systems ISO 27001 compliance and anti-fraud systems. We use industry-standard EV SSL protocol. We have a dedicated fraud control team and independent data centers that minimizes the risk of failure guarantees business continuity and security for all the user data.

Labu Flute Business Trade License Number (TL) 006173, Business Identification Number (BIN) 003133034-0201, Tax Identification Number (TIN) 24704517672

Our Official  Distributions Brands & Partners : 

MusicNomad Equipment Care USA 

ALICE Strings & accessories

Saramonic Pro Audio Equipment

Ziko Strings & accessories

GravityPicks USA 

Orphee Strings Strings & accessories

Gremlin Musical Instruments Co UK 


Pickgeek by Antony Scott UK 


Our e-Commerce Partner: Daraz Bangladesh 


Our e-Commerce Marketplace Site: LABUFLUTES

Our Fellow Sales Website: Guitar Paradise

Our Overseas Delivery Partner: DHL BANGLADESH 

Our Local Delivery Partner: Redex 

Our IT Support Partner: Storrea Ltd 

Our Payment Gateway Partners: SSLCOMMERCE, shurjoPay

Our Official Bank Partner: IBBL, MTB, PRIME BANK 





Our Products :

Under The Labu Flutes Original Brand:


Bansuri Flutes

Bamboo Flutes

Bamboo Whistle Flutes


Pan Flutes

Bin (Snake Charmer Flute)


Tin Whistle



Silver Flute, Clarinet  




Percussion instruments


Dhol / Dholok









String instrument










Products under Guitar Paradise Brand (Concern of Labu Flutes)

Acoustic Guitar

Electric Guitar

Guitar Strings

Guitar Capo


Guitar Cover Case


All kinds of Guitar Accessories



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