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Celtic Bamboo Whistle Set

BDT 11,000.0


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Celtic Bamboo Whistle Celtic flute style Real Irish whistle flute types Free Carrying Case Included


Our Celtic Bamboo Whistle is currently our most popular flute. It’s designed for traditional Irish music and is preferred by music teachers as their preferred Irish flute for students, it’s priced at very cheap rates including worldwide delivery. This Whistle is for adults who are interested in learning the bamboo whistle flute or the Celtic flute style. It’s also for kids who are getting more serious about learning and want to progress from the plastic flute to the Bamboo flute.  This Bamboo Whistle flute is still relatively inexpensive yet provides the benefits of a real Irish whistle flute. It’s made from bamboo, one of the most popular tones. It’s got a lovely tone, is nice to play and easy to get a sound from. Remember, when something is nice to play you tend to practice more. 

Celtic Bamboo Whistle Key Included : 

#, B, C ,C # , D, D# , E, F, F#,  G, B

Keys Size
A # 20.5 Inch
B 19 Inch
C 18 Inch
C # 17 Inch
D 16 Inch
D# 15.5 Inch
E 15 Inch
F 14 Inch
F# 12.5 Inch
G 12 Inch
B 9.5 Inch

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